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About Cooper Environmental

Cooper Environmental Services (CES) has the unique capability to measure and interpret elements using X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) in a fully-automated fashion. Using this core technology, CES was the first to commercially manufacture an XRF-based multi-metals continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) in the world. This automated XRF technology is also used to measure and interpret elements in ambient air, and will soon be adapted to a multi-metals water monitoring system. Beyond manufacturing, CES offers a myriad of other services and knowledge to serve the needs of air quality issues.

  • “After only ever seeing the Xact® 625 system on paper it was amazing to see the system in operation here at ET prior to installation at the super-site and for such a high-tech and powerful instrument, it is actually very simple to use and requires the minimum amount of servicing and local site operation."
    Duncan Mounsor - Enviro Technology Services plc
  • "We have just ordered our second Xact® 625 instrument. We have been very pleased with the capabilities and performance of our first instrument and have found the ongoing technical support provided by Cooper Environmental to be tremendous."
    Greg Evans - University of Toronto