Xact® 625i

Xact® 625i – The industry leader in Continuous Ambient Multi-Metals Monitoring.

625i Hi-Res

  • ADAPT data analysis software that enables immediate research quality
    graphical reports to deliver unique insight on the temporal
    and variability trends of the metals measured
  • Sampling and analysis methodology that has been validated by the
    US EPA ETV program
  • Windows-based operating system with 10.1 inch touchscreen that
    may be ordered flat or tilted for lower placed instruments
  • Sampling, analysis, and near real-time reporting (every 15, 30, 60,
    120, 180, or 240 minutes in ng/m³)
  • Patented (US 7,539,282 B2) automated quality assurance, alarms, & control features
  • Incorporates an internal XRF quality assurance standard with every
    sample analyzed
  • Provides automatic, daily XRF calibration drift checks
  • Remote polling and remote system control
  • Global power design does not require power conversion or conditioning
  • Average detection limits improved by over 30% compared to previous
    generation Xact® 625